Virus Removal Cork City

Virus Removal Cork

We can remove any type of virus infection, simply call us a 087 3744800  to us to get rid of your virus infection. We are the Computer virus removal service in Cork City.

  • Service – We will remove every virus / infection from your computer
  • Quality – Industry leading equipment / software / service.
  • Quick – Usually same day service.
  • Guarantee – We will remove your virus

What is a virus: A computer virus is simply a software program created by an individual or a group of people that has been designed to run on a computer and carry out a malicious task.

A virus can be programmed to carry out any type of malicious task on an infected computer. For example, steal files, record keystrokes of a computer, prevent or disable virus removal programs, cause harm or damage, restrict a computer from Operating, steal information or display advertising.

Probably the most important task of a virus as is in the world is to reproduction. The Virus needs to spread. But you dont need to help it…

Types of viruses are: Malware, spyware, Active X, Adware, Trojan and Worms.

Spreading Viruses: A virus can spread by many different ways. A virus can actually store itself on a USB memory stick. It can be attached to an email. Downloaded from a website. Transferred through an online person to person file sharing facility (P2P, torrents etc). Transferred over a local area network, Stored on a Smartphone. Any way a computer has of communication with other computers can potentially pose the risk of virus transfer.

TYPE OF COMPUTER: Generally speaking a virus will be designed to run on a specific type of computer or device usually Windows(90% of Computers are Windows Based). For example; a virus designed to run on a Microsoft Windows operating system based computer will not run on Linux nor will it run on Apples operating system etc.

For this reason why there is a larger risk of getting a virus infection on a Microsoft Windows based computer simply because there have been more viruses designed for that operating system as Microsoft Windows PC operating systems are more popular than the others and virus creators have a broader target range and in turn the virus has a better chance of spreading and becoming successful and it no different in Cork.

STAY UPDATED: If you have an antivirus package installed on your computer, it is very important to keep it updated with the latest virus definition updates available. Why? because as new viruses are created the package installed on your computer needs to know how to identify and remove those threats.

The company who supplied your antivirus package will periodically create a new list of definitions that have new viruses identified so that when you update your package, your computer can scan and then easily identify and delete the latest viruses doing the rounds.

As a virus is identified by various different antivirus and software security companies a single virus can often be given a number of different names due to each company giving it their own name.

WHATS THE PROBLEM?: The most obvious and noticeable symptom in many cases is the performance impact you and your desktop or laptop computer will suffer when its running a virus. You may also notice popup windows with advertisements. You may also get the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD) and problems turning your computer on. In the case of Adware, the recent popular fake Garda virus would restrict and lock you out of your computer and displaying the Garda Siochana logo warning you that you need to pay their €100 fine.

There are also key logger viruses that are designed to log every key stroke you make on your laptop for example and export the results over the internet back to its creators, this means your banking login, PayPal or credit card details could be vulnerable etc.

WHY CHOOSE US?: The real problem with virus removal is correctly removing all infections and preventing them coming back without causing any damage to the computer or its data and files etc. A virus cannot run if the computer is not powered on so that’s why we have developed our method of virus removal to take action while your computer is not even powered on. Our computer virus removal service will take care of all traces of the virus, we then go about ensuring your computer cannot receive those infections again. Your repair is then backed up by our full guarantee, that in the highly unlikely event that your laptop becomes re-infected, we will promptly remove it free of charge.

Call is in Cork City 087 3744800

Citywide Pc Repairs and Upgrades in Cork

Computer Repair Services

PC and Computer Repairs


We deliver professional and prompt computer support services in Cork. We have repaired thousands of computer’s and look forward to helping you with yours today! Call us on 087 3744800 and speak to a computer support technician that is ready to help resolve whatever computer issues in a prompt and friendly manner.

No Fix No Fee – In the unlikely event your computer cannot be fixed, there is absolutely no charge.

Collect and Return – pickup and return services in Cork

Low call out Fixed Fees – Computer repaired on site? we offer an excellent value priced service.

The services we offer at present

  • Slow or poor performance
  • Overheating issues
  • Dust removal
  • Laptop Repair
  • Computer not powering on
  • Computer maintenance
  • Broadband problems – O2, Vodafone, Air
  • Virus Removal
  • Deleted or lost pictures recovered
  • Internet / wireless / WiFi Support
  • Passwords recovered / removed
  • Laptop DC power jack repair
  • Windows XP, Server, Vista, Windows 8 , Windows 7 Support
  • Broken or damaged laptop power jacks – pin adapter – DC sockets
  • Microsoft office / E-mail Problems
  • All brands Serviced – Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo, IBM, HP, Sony, Compaq, Asus, Fujitsu Siemens

Our technicians will correctly fix any problem on any brand of computer, regardless of the warranty status. In order to keep the price low and the service fast our company employees set procedures on all repairs to your faulty computer and have it returned to you in the shortest amount of time possible while ensuring our written guarantee is not required at any stage. This is one of the reasons why Lynch Computer Repair is Cork’s number 1 computer repair shop.

Give us a call to have your computer collected or repaired in Cork City and County.

Anseo PC Services Cork

PC, Laptop Support – Covering All Cork

Computer Repair – IT Support
PC, Laptop Support Cork

Remove virus infections

Remove malware

Remove ransomware

Check firewalls and security software

Check for vulnerabilities

Automated backups

Better Performance

Better PC Performance

Maximise startup and shutdown speeds

Optimise OS Speeds

Disable harmful btowser add-ons

PC & Laptop repairs

Windows crashing or freezing

Fix pop up issues

Troubleshooting and Repairs Cork

Troubleshooting and Repairs Cork

Device not restarting after recent Windows update

Windows Blue Screen errors or stuck in system loop

A component in your device stopped working

Wireless Internet problems

Printer issues

PC & Laptop upgrades

Home & Small Office Networking Cork

Home & Small Office Networking

Anseo Home & Small Office Networking Cork our support services are ideal for the Cork’s small or home office computer environment.  Small businesses these days often cannot afford service contracts or in-house servers, we provide hourly computer support and Internet-based services for email and information sharing.  This is especially true for home-based businesses.

Home office computer & network setup with ongoing support

For new offices, a short sales consultation can assure the best prices for computers & peripherals through Internet-based suppliers and/or local wholesalers.

Technician After PC Setup and Upgrade

PC Upgrades

PC Upgrades

Save money with an upgrade?

Upgrading your computer is the cost effective solution to extending the life of your computer. Contact PC Repairs Cork today to learn how we can help you get the most out of your pc.

PC Upgrade  or Rebuilding Services:

  • DVD Reader/Writer Installation – burning your own DVD movies!
  • PC Graphics Cards – play advanced computer & online games.
  • Sound Card Upgrades – giving you a home sound system on your computer.
  • RAM Memory Upgrades – speed up your operating system
  • New Hard Disk Installation – store all your videos, documents and videos on your pc
  • TV Tuner cards – record and watch tv on your pc.
  • Video Camera Port Set Up – letting you integrate your new gadgets with your old pc.
  • Modem Set Up – connecting you to email and the web.
  • Networking Set Up – connecting all your PC’s and devices in your home or office. Including Fax etc
  • PC Power Supply Upgrades
  • Printer, Fax, Camera & Scanner Set Up & Install.
  • Antivirus and Firewall Set Up – protecting your security online
  • Assistive Technology
  • PC Maintenance Contracts Available
Cork City Pc Repairs Upgrade Software Installation RAM Upgrades


Anseo PC Repairs Cork – Services

Windows PC Repair

PC Software Repairs,
PC Re-Imaging,
PC Backup Cloning

Performance Upgrade

RAM Upgrade,

Hard Drive Upgrade,

Graphics Card Upgrade

Ed-tech and Assistive Technology Software including Mind Mapping, On-Screen Keyboards

Narrator Software,

Dictation Software

Computer & Laptop Repairs

Pc Build & Upgrades

Anti-virus Specialists

Home & Small Office Networking

Data Recovery

Callout Service

specialises in repairing and upgrading Windows Computers

Computer, Laptop and PC Repairs

Cork Computer Repairs and PC Repair Services

Windows PC Upgrade and Repairs Cork

Windows PC Repairs
PC Software Repairs,
PC Re-Imaging,
PC Backup Cloning

Performance Upgrade RAM Upgrade, Hard Drive Upgrade, Graphics Card Upgrade

Performance Upgrade
RAM Upgrade,
Hard Drive Upgrade,
Graphics Card Upgrade

Edtech Software Mind Mapping, Narrator Software, Dictation Software Cork

Edtech Software
Mind Mapping,
Narrator Software,
Dictation Software

Citywide Pc Repairs and Upgrades in Cork
Backup by Cloning
This computer required its hard drive to be completely backed up. Cloning software was used to copy the entire hard disk drive from the computer onto the external memory.
Cork City Pc Repairs Upgrade Software Installation RAM Upgrades
Operating System Reinstallation
This computer required its operating system to be completely reinstalled fresh. This was undertaken by utilising cloning software which effectively installed Windows operating system via an external hard disk drive.
PC Repair and Upgrade Cork Operating System Re installation
Operating System Imaging
This computer was re-imaged via the server. in order to undertake this, it was necessary to have the computer plugged into the server via ISDN network cable. In terms of efficiency, the drivers are automatically reinstalled during this process.

Anseo specialises in repairing and upgrading Windows Computers at this moment in time.

“They don’t make them like they used to” – Kenny Rodgers

That can be said for any product, but in particular for personal computers. That’s why we are here, to help save you money or help restore peace of mind i.e. pictures.

Anseo provides the service of repairing or refurbishing your Windows computer at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.

The problems with Windows computers fall into two categories, hardware and software. If your computer has a software difficulty, Anseo will do its best to solve the problem. How do you know whether it’s a software or hardware difficulty? Just give us a call.

The fact is, your Windows operating system has the potential to be completely rebuilt with significant performance increases. That is provided there are no hardware difficulties.

With over 15 years experience in repairing computers and qualified with a Masters Degree in Computer Science, you can rest assured that the quality, craftsmanship and service you will receive will be of the highest level. That’s Anseo’s commitment to you.

So why not give us a call on 087 3744800 we are based in Cork City.

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