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We can remove any type of virus infection, simply call us a 087 3744800  to us to get rid of your virus infection. We are the Computer virus removal service in Cork City.

  • Service – We will remove every virus / infection from your computer
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What is a virus: A computer virus is simply a software program created by an individual or a group of people that has been designed to run on a computer and carry out a malicious task.

A virus can be programmed to carry out any type of malicious task on an infected computer. For example, steal files, record keystrokes of a computer, prevent or disable virus removal programs, cause harm or damage, restrict a computer from Operating, steal information or display advertising.

Probably the most important task of a virus as is in the world is to reproduction. The Virus needs to spread. But you dont need to help it…

Types of viruses are: Malware, spyware, Active X, Adware, Trojan and Worms.

Spreading Viruses: A virus can spread by many different ways. A virus can actually store itself on a USB memory stick. It can be attached to an email. Downloaded from a website. Transferred through an online person to person file sharing facility (P2P, torrents etc). Transferred over a local area network, Stored on a Smartphone. Any way a computer has of communication with other computers can potentially pose the risk of virus transfer.

TYPE OF COMPUTER: Generally speaking a virus will be designed to run on a specific type of computer or device usually Windows(90% of Computers are Windows Based). For example; a virus designed to run on a Microsoft Windows operating system based computer will not run on Linux nor will it run on Apples operating system etc.

For this reason why there is a larger risk of getting a virus infection on a Microsoft Windows based computer simply because there have been more viruses designed for that operating system as Microsoft Windows PC operating systems are more popular than the others and virus creators have a broader target range and in turn the virus has a better chance of spreading and becoming successful and it no different in Cork.

STAY UPDATED: If you have an antivirus package installed on your computer, it is very important to keep it updated with the latest virus definition updates available. Why? because as new viruses are created the package installed on your computer needs to know how to identify and remove those threats.

The company who supplied your antivirus package will periodically create a new list of definitions that have new viruses identified so that when you update your package, your computer can scan and then easily identify and delete the latest viruses doing the rounds.

As a virus is identified by various different antivirus and software security companies a single virus can often be given a number of different names due to each company giving it their own name.

WHATS THE PROBLEM?: The most obvious and noticeable symptom in many cases is the performance impact you and your desktop or laptop computer will suffer when its running a virus. You may also notice popup windows with advertisements. You may also get the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD) and problems turning your computer on. In the case of Adware, the recent popular fake Garda virus would restrict and lock you out of your computer and displaying the Garda Siochana logo warning you that you need to pay their €100 fine.

There are also key logger viruses that are designed to log every key stroke you make on your laptop for example and export the results over the internet back to its creators, this means your banking login, PayPal or credit card details could be vulnerable etc.

WHY CHOOSE US?: The real problem with virus removal is correctly removing all infections and preventing them coming back without causing any damage to the computer or its data and files etc. A virus cannot run if the computer is not powered on so that’s why we have developed our method of virus removal to take action while your computer is not even powered on. Our computer virus removal service will take care of all traces of the virus, we then go about ensuring your computer cannot receive those infections again. Your repair is then backed up by our full guarantee, that in the highly unlikely event that your laptop becomes re-infected, we will promptly remove it free of charge.

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